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Working with dignity is a fundamental part of achieving a life well-lived but unfortunately bullying and harassment are still an everyday reality in the workplace.  

WorkplaceBullying is a specialist consultancy dedicated to helping both employers and individuals deal with the organisational and personal impacts of bullying.   We understand that bullying is disruptive and costly for employers and deeply traumatic for the individual.

Led by Margaret Considine a thought leader and established author in the field of Dignity at Work, our Team are recognised professionals in workplace bullying and highly qualified experts drawn from the disciplines of Law, Psychology, Human Resources and Management.

With over 380 workplace investigations and over 1000  workplace mediations completed, our reputation speaks for itself and nobody says it better than our clients – Read our Testimonials.

So whether you are an Employer or Employee, if you are experiencing issues with bullying and harassment in the workplace, our Team has the expertise you need.

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For Employees

If you are being bullied or have been accused of bullying, we can

    • Act as your Advisor ensuring a Right First Time approach
    • Manage you through any stage of or the entire process
    • Formulate your complaint or response
    • Help you make informed decisions
    • Represent you at an investigation, disciplinary hearing, appeal, Rights Commissioner, EAT etc.



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Recent research from the ESRI (2007)
suggested that out of every 100
employees, 8 have reported being
bullied at work.

For Employers

The WorkplaceBullying Team can assist you with

  • Bullying, Harassment and Diversity – Risk Assessment & Audits
  • Policy Development and Review (Dignity at Work, Diversity, Grievance & Disciplinary)
  • Workplace Investigations
  • Mediation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Training
  • Employment Appeals