For You  – The Employee

Employees who believe they are being bullied or harassed can be subject to fear, stress and anxiety, ill health, loss of confidence and self-esteem.  For the individual against whom a complaint is made, the effects can be similar, especially where he or she believes they have no case answer.  Trust and confidence in the procedure that is employed to address the issue is fundamental in determining a resolution and in minimising the impact on either party.  This demands a thorough understanding of the multiple pieces of legislation and codes of practice governing these areas.  Likewise, the skill and competence of those involved in determining a resolution is equally important.  The exact same principles apply to workplace disciplinary or grievance issues.

WorkplaceBullying Can Help

Whether you are making a complaint, or the respondent to a complaint or are involved in a workplace grievance or disciplinary issue, the WorkplaceBullying Team are here to assist you.  We can

  • Help you formulate your complaint or response to a complaint in line with your company’s policy
  • Act as your Advisor throughout the process or any part thereof – eg appropriate procedures, Terms of Reference of an investigation, resolutions, mediation etc.
  • Accompany you as your support person to any formal meeting in line with your company policy
  • Review Investigator(s) minutes or any documentation arising from an investigation process and comment accordingly
  • Advise on or reply to correspondence received from an Investigator(s), your employer, or other party or legal representatives
  • Assist in the identification and compilation of relevant evidence

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