Conflict Management

Conflict is a normal and natural part of our everyday workplace and personal lives and conflict management is now an integral part of the role of most Managers/Supervisors and HR Professionals. Yet every year, employers, unnecessarily lose hundreds of hours of management time in managing conflict.  Why?   Because conflict management skills are rarely taught.  Unresolved, unmanaged or poorly handled conflict can quickly escalate to a more serious issue distracting employees from your business goals. Conflict can be very costly especially when it comes to management time.   According to the CIPD 2008 “Managing Conflict at Work” report, a workplace conflict can take between 1 day to 10+ days of management time to resolve depending on the type and nature of the conflict.

Remember wherever two or more people come together, there is the potential for conflict.  Is it avoidable?  Yes.  Is it preventable?  Yes.

An important consideration in managing conflict in the work environment is the use of good communication skills.   Unfortunately, quite often many employees do not have well developed communication skills and therefore teaching employees how to appropriately talk with each other is essential to managing conflict in the workplace.  

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