WorkplaceBullying Consultants – What We Do

At WorkplaceBullying our consultants assist employers and employees to address the difficulties that can arise from bullying and harassment, grievance or disciplinary issues in the workplace. We offer expertise on preventative measures including; risk assessment audits, development and review of policies & procedures and the provision of training programmes necessary to help create a working environment free from bullying and harassment.  Where bullying and harassment or other issues of conflict arise, we offer expert mediation and a complete, fair and impartial investigation service.  We also conduct independent appeals for any ongoing workplace dispute.

In addition, we offer confidential advice and assistance to employees and employers faced with incidences of bullying or harassment.


 7 Reasons Why You Should Contact WorkplaceBullying First when bullying becomes an issue

  • Expertise With over two hundred collective years Experience behind us, our consultants are some of Ireland’s most Renowned Experts in our respective fields
  • Track Record over 380 workplace Investigations and over 1000 workplace Mediations completed
  • Accountable From the time we are appointed we Manage the process end-to-end
  • Impartial You receive Fair, Transparent, Professional Advice and Treatment at times of Conflict
  • Affordable We are Affordable and our rates are Competitive
  • Judgement We always give a Determination – never “we could not find, so we can’t determine”
  • Professional We have Purpose, Passion & Principle about what we do


How It Works 

  • We guarantee that an advisor will respond to your first contact within 24 hours
  • Our expert, professional and affordable services may be retained on a one-off or continuous basis
  • With a wide range of experts at our disposal from many industry backgrounds, WorkplaceBullying will assign the specialist most suited to your circumstances

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