Dignity at Work Policy

Do you have a Dignity at Work Policy?

As an employer, you are legally bound to have a Dignity at Work policy in place which sets out how your organisation prevents and resolves bullying and harassment in the workplace and details the procedure for addressing such complaints when they arise.

Your Dignity at Work policy must reflect the requirements of the legislation governing bullying and harassment in the workplace – these are detailed and complex.  The criteria for compliance are set out in The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act (2005) which covers bullying and in the Employment Equality Acts (1998 – 2011) which govern the employer’s responsibilities concerning harassment and sexual harassment.  Furthermore, there are no less than, three Codes of Practice that you also need to comply with.  For more on your obligations as an employer, Click here.

The starting point in meeting your legal obligations is your Dignity at Work policy.  Do you have one?    Is it watertight?  Remember it is the LAW.  The courts come down hard on organisations found lacking in this regard.

Workplacebullying Can Help

Contact the experts at WorkplaceBullying for:

  • A detailed risk assessment of your organisation for bullying or harassment
  • A review of your existing policy and procedures
  • The development of a compliant  Dignity at Work policy reflective of your company values, workplace culture and industry
  • A robust communication plan to ensure you fulfil all your obligations
  • Bullying and Harassment Training Programmes for Managers/Supervisors – covering policy and procedures, prevention, early detection and resolution

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