You – The Employer

The responsibility of the Employer has never been more onerous, a fact no better demonstrated than by the complexity and breadth of employment law as it stands today.

Bullying, harassment, grievance and disciplinary issues demands particularly close attention.  And with very good reason – latest reports confirm the continuing growth in the numbers of claims being referred to external bodies including the Labour Relations Commission, the Equality Authority and the Employment Appeals Tribunal.

Employers are well advised to be concerned about this trend, correspond as it does with an increasing rate in the number of awards and fines being levied against employers. Specifically so, for those who have failed to comply with the legislative requirements and Codes of Practice relating to bullying and harassment, grievance and disciplinary issues in their workplace.

There is now a growing body of data and research to evidence the prevalence and detrimental impact that bullying and harassment can have on an employee. With this increased level of awareness, governing bodies and the courts have been inclined to take a particularly negative view of employers who fail to demonstrate an adequate response to cases of bullying in the workplace.

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