Grievances and Disciplinary Procedures

Every employer, no matter how informal the culture or how benevolent the management style, will experience grievances and performance issues amongst its workforce.  The Labour Relations Commission Code of Practice on Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures obliges every employer to have written policies and procedures in place to deal fairly, consistently and promptly with these issues.  Yet, far too often, employers unnecessarily suffer the wrath and fines of external third parties.  This is often because of failure to comply with the Code or their own internal procedures or because of some flaw in the procedural aspect of the process which is often due to lack of appropriate training for Managers/Supervisors.  For more, click here

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  • A review of your grievance and disciplinary policies and procedures
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  • Comprehensive training for Managers/Supervisors on conflict management
  •  Assistance with a grievance or disciplinary investigation
  • Workplace Investigations Training for Managers/Supervisors

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