New Site Going Live

As, CEO of EQuita Consulting, I am delighted to launch this new specialist service and supporting website offering employers and HR executives a first point of call for information or advice on issues of workplace bullying and harassment. This service will save employers and all those involved, time, money and mitigate their risk when dealing with issues or potential issues of bullying, harassment and sexual harassment in the workplace.

This service provides our clients with direct access to the wealth of proven expertise behind EQuita Consulting, who have been resolving conflicts in Ireland and Europe since 2001. The service offers insight and common sense advice, in addition to a deep awareness and understanding of the issues, the highest standards of adherence to agreed procedures, the legislation and best practice, attention to detail, fairness and equity, while at all times understanding the pressure that such a claim has on all involved, the complainant, the respondent, potential witnesses and the employer.

The site also informs employees faced with a problem involving bullying or harassment in the workplace about their options and rights at work and offers them the ability to assess the veracity of their potential complaint themselves or to telephone an employment specialist for practical advice and honest assessment.

As a leading authority and practitioner in the fields of Conflict Resolution and Executive Development I am well aware of the impact issues of Bullying and Harassment have on all those involved, physiological, psychological, behavioural and financial. I have conducted thousands of mediations, hundreds of investigations and have lectured internationally on the topic. I also co-authored – “Bullying and Harassment: Values and Best Practice Responses” described by Professor Andrew Kakabadse of Cranfield School of Management as “an outstanding and most competent capture of all the relevant issues around bullying and harassment in the workplace”.

There is a better way to educate, resolve and eradicate bullying and harassment in the workplace, I guarantee it. Contact us on +353 1 9010330, we are here to help you.

Margaret Considine

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