Deputy County Manager, Midlands County Council

“On behalf of the County Manager, I wish to extend a sincere thanks to you for your professionalism and diligence in the conduct of the X investigation process.  Your report has been circulated to the parties and no appeal has been lodged. While the timeframe extended considerably beyond that initially conceived the matter has now been brought to a conclusion. Your co-operation and assistance to our County Council is very much appreciated.”

Employment Law Solicitor, Top 5 Law Firm 

“In the world of investigation, EQuita, stand out as experts in their field, professional in their practice and protectors of the process.”

Managing Partner, Law Firm 

“Probably the most relevant, accurate, thorough and professional sets of minutes in a Dignity at Work investigation.”

Head of Psychiatry, Major National Healthcare Organisation

“It is an absolute pleasure to pick up the phone and to speak to such professional, informed and thorough experts in the field of Bullying and Harassment.”

Former CEO of CIPD 

“If you need an investigation done accurately, the experts at EQuita conduct the most thorough and forensic investigations, no stone is left uncovered and the result will always stand the test in any subsequent court challenge.”

Partner, Employment Law, Top 5 Law Firm

“If I am going to court, I am happy to have an EQuita report in my bag.”

Employment Law Barrister 

“EQuita and Integrity always come in the same sentence when we are discussing cases in the four courts.”

Head of HR, IT Multinational

“Margaret conducted an independent review of an internal investigation from both a process and findings perspective, which was at risk of being referred to an external adjudicating third party.  Margaret’s timely, thorough, forensic and impartial assessment of the case, not only validated our process and procedures but saved us an enormous amount of management time and a great deal of money.  The matter was never progressed by the employee concerned.”

County Chief Fire Officer

“This long protracted conflict would not have been resolved with the expert mediation skills of Margaret Considine.”

CEO of a Deloitte Best Run Company Finalist

“I have the Experts at EQuita on speed dial, straight talking answers with practical advice to what seem like complex problems before you pick up the phone.”

Senior HR Professional, National Employment Body

“I have heard fantastic reports of your recent mediation in a situation where the odds seemed to be stacked against that approach!!  That scenario is a great ‘ambassador’ for the cause of mediation.”

Bullying Complaint – Anonymous

“Margaret assisted me in putting together my bullying complaint.  She was professional, supportive and meticulous when it came to details.   She exhibited subject matter expertise, attention to detail, precision and  approachability while articulating the challenges and advising on the best way to put forward the issues.”

Senior Executive, Financial Services

“I couldn’t have got this far without the help of the Team at EQuita – most particularly in the first six weeks – thank you so much Margaret for holding on to me when I felt as though I was slipping through to the next world.  It has been a dreadful business altogether but sun shines through with the care and professionalism you showed me.”

Chairman of the Board, National Sporting Body

“I would like to convey the thanks and appreciation of the Board for the manner in which you led our discussions on 7th April.  Your enthusiasm, your professionalism, your empathy and your expertise, all combined perfectly to help all of us present to have an excellent conversation about the way forward.”