Workplace Investigations

Regardless of the source – a bullying or harassment complaint, a grievance or a disciplinary issue – a workplace investigation is a very serious and difficult undertaking.  It is a very stressful event for all parties involved and is fraught with emotions.  It is a “win-lose” scenario and the risk of one party challenging the outcome is high.  The competence and skills of the Investigator(s) is crucial to determine a finding that will withstand scrutiny by an external third party.     The investigator(s) must understand the relevant legislation and associated legal tests, have a sound knowledge of the principles of fair procedures and natural justice and be skilled in investigation and interview techniques.

Whether you need help in conducting an investigation or want to provide investigation training for your Managers, the Team at WorkplaceBullying can help.  We offer a complete and confidential investigation service using a proven methodology and with a team of highly skilled and experienced investigators.  With over 350 investigations completed, none of which have been overturned, even at the High Court, our experience is incomparable.  We are the experts.  We operate to exacting standards.  We are respectful and understanding of all involved.  We deliver forensic, accurate, impartial and transparent reports.  

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We also design and deliver bespoke Manager Investigation Training programs reflective of your organisations needs and our extensive experience.

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